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SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled flow of oils, gases, vapors or chemical substances. Valves are our core business. With our valves, we are active in a market that has enormous potential for future innovations. We are further expanding the valves' decentralized intelligence. By developing new, smart systems, we are transforming process automation to the benefit of our customers and to achieve greater flexibility, safety and reliability in industrial processes. We are continually driving technical, business and organizational innovations within our company to reach this goal.

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SAMSON will demonstrate its core competence in valves (globe, three way, rotary plug, axial, ball, butterfly, gate) as well as actuators and smart field units – for today‘s and tomorrow‘s markets.

SAMSON will exhibit digital solutions designed to advance decentralized valve intelligence. SAM DIGITAL HUB, a state-of-the-art digitization and automation platform that operates on the cloud-based ’software as a service’ approach, makes it possible to log, save, process and exchange all data in process automation systems. Other pilot setups will demonstrate pioneering applications for IoT and Industry 4.0 environments.
SAMSON LEUSCH LTR 43 Shut-off Butterfly Valve

Valve size: NPS 3 to 48
Pressure rating: Class 150 to 1500
Permissible temperature range: –46 to +700 °C (–50 to 1292 °F)

Special features
- Patented low-noise trim for start-up and bypass service
- Completely replaceable trims (no special tools required)
- Low seat leakage (metal-to-metal seat) thanks to triple-eccentric design

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SAMSON RINGO Axial flow valve

Valve size: NPS 4 to 48
Pressure rating: Class 150 to 1500 (up to Class 900 in NPS 28 and larger)
Permissible temperature range: up to 200 °C

Special features
- Compact design
- High flow capacity
- Suitable for media containing solids

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New generation of TROVIS 3730-1 and -3 Positioners

Device types:
- TROVIS 3730-1 Electropneumatic Positioner
- TROVIS 3730-3 Electropneumatic Positioner with HART® communication and EXPERTplus diagnostics

New features
- Non-contact, protected travel sensing
- Two inductive limit contacts
- Only half the air consumption compared to the previous series TROVIS 3730-3: with plain-text display

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News & Innovations

New Generation of Series 3730 Positioners
The new positioners for 4 to 20 mA applications combine the latest technological developments with the proven device base known from the Type 3730-1 and Type 3730-3 predecessor models. Both positioners are particularly rugged thanks to their no-wear, non-contact travel sensing system. Two inductive limit contacts are available to reliably indicate both valve end positions. At the same time, the positioners’ air consumption has been reduced considerably by upgrading the pneumatics block. Operation continues to rely on the rotary pushbutton taken over from the successful Series 3730. TROVIS 3730-3 communicates over the HART® 7 protocol and comes with the proven EXPERTplus valve diagnostics with optimized features. To facilitate operation, the positioners are fitted with a plain-text display that indicates the condensed state according to NAMUR, measured values, start-up settings as well as messages in English or German.
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